William Brisson is a New York based feng shui expert, and has been practicing Energetic Feng Shui for 18 years. He knows from experience that our living and work spaces can either support us, or act as a hindrance by how healthy they are energetically.

William is passionate for families, children and businesses to grow in healthy clear environments to flourish, be happy, and develop their gifts, knowing this will help our planet immensely.

William has set and cleared the fields in many commercial and residential spaces in NYC as well as abroad, and is a master practitioner in several highly effective energetic modalities.  He was a lead facilitator, area coordinator, and instructor for a training called The Way of the Heart for 14 years, and has over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.

It is William’s pleasure to serve the health of your home, family, and business, and looks forward to meeting you!


Please send an email inquiring to seek @ spiritsillumination DOT com, and we will respond to you quickly.