Feng Shui says our home and work environments can affect and impact our lives more than 30%! We can either be strengthened and supported by our living and work spaces, or be blocked and experience struggle by how healthy they are.

Feng Shui was originally practiced as a “Field Art”.  This means working with the cause on the energetic field level, which then creates effects through to the physical.

By bringing these spaces and fields into higher frequency and harmony, they can hold much greater life force and support you to:

        • Bring abundance into your life.
        • Create a healthier environment for you and your family.
        • Bring love and relationship to your life.
        • Bring money and new business to you.

What you can expect from

an Energetic Feng Shui Session

I come to your location, and through muscle testing / applied kinesiology, you will learn how energies present in the space or land can influence how you feel, and experience your life there.

Using an energetic “field work”, we can clear and alter the energetic patterns to support you to achieve your goals, and live the intentions you choose for yourself and your loved ones.

Benefits include:

  • Identify and clear impressions and energies which are not serving those in the home or work environment. These can be from previous occupants or events which have happened on the land.  We begin by gently clearing all from the past, so only what is truly good remains.
  • Check for and correct many Feng Shui “problems”, while adding to and augmenting good chi and healthy strong life force to be available to you.
  • Usually most, if not all of the corrections can be done in the Field, so costly outer fixes are unnecessary.


 Setting and clearing the energetic field 

of your home or business is for you if:


        • You wish to experience greater joy, health, peace, comfort, wealth, happy relationships, and success.
        • You want your business to be more successful.
        • You recently moved into a new home or business, or wish to sell one with greater ease.
        • You experience areas with negative qualities that feel empty, cold, lifeless, and draining; or where unfortunate things seem to keep happening.
        • Your relationship has ended and you wish to reclaim the space to be your own.
        • There is anywhere you would like a fresh blank slate to create new beginnings.

We can also clear and Feng Shui a business, project, or event

 with or without a physical location, so it has all of the strong, healthy energy

and life force required for you to achieve your goals and aspirations. Ask me how!