Personal Clearing and Integration Sessions

In these sessions, you can bring any intention with which you would like to experience swift, gentle, and effective support.

For Instance:

  • To heal, be freed, or move beyond something from the past.
  • To shift and get beyond limiting patterns, habits, and blocks in the present.
  • To move toward, and have all that you desire to become and attain.


                                      What to Expect During Your Session

During applied kinesiology sessions you are sitting upright, and the only places physically touched are your arm and shoulder. During a Reiki treatment you are lying down with William’s hands at the top of your head.  Rarely, and with your permission, William will do Reiki hand placements on other areas of the body with discomfort you are seeking treatment for.

Integration Sessions

In energy field work sessions, through a combination of muscle testing / applied kinesiology, asking helpful questions, inner dialogue / consciousness work and energetic “field work”, you can identify and clear the different blocks and programs in your way; leaving you feeling freed and lighter, allowing you to be successful in taking actions to achieve your goals, and having your heart’s desires.

These sessions are cognitive, with the purpose being to gently and safely bring the sub / unconscious to the conscious. By rewriting the scripts running under the surface, and digesting and purifying what you need to on these levels, you can manifest more easily what you want in your life.

Reiki Treatments

With Reiki, Universal healing and life energy is being accessed to serve your intentions.  It is said that the person who is offering the Reiki is like a fountain which must fill up, and the energy then overflows and is offered to the recipient.  At this point, it is the responsibility of the person receiving the treatment to call in and draw the life energy by asking for and receiving it.

From either kind of session you can more greatly access, attune to, and embody all of the latent gifts, blessings and empowerment that is deeper within you.

Sessions with William, and the results, are experiential. People report that the work goes easily to what needs to be addressed, and afterward they feel more clear, light, energized, and strengthened. Many have stopped struggling with something they had previously been, and say that the process was surprisingly gentle, with immediate relief experienced. Further, the results are lasting.

William invites you to experience this for yourself,

and looks forward to working with and supporting you soon!